About Us

Tooling Enterprises was started in 1978 as a division of Tooling Enterprises Canada to build tooling and knockouts to be sold in the United States. This worked out well in the beginning, but it soon turned into selling more stampings than tooling as our customers for dies also wanted us to run product. With more and more production we have not been able to devote time to building tooling and debugging it without compromising our production capabilities. Therefore we have devoted virtually all of our efforts to running stampings rather than building tooling. We still will build tooling only if we are going to run production on that tooling.

We have the capabilities of running large, medium and low volume stampings in progressive dies, single hit dies, deep draw dies along with doing secondary welding, machining, assembly, vibratory deburring and turret lathe work all in house. We also have a number of platers and painting houses that do work for us in all phases of plating and painting.

Tooling Enterprises
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